Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is an extremely powerful, flexible and cost-effective form of direct marketing. Because e-mail marketing offers sophisticated tracking functions, it can fulfil a host of marketing requirements:

• Keep your prospect database informed about products & developments
• Monitor interest levels within your prospect database
• Target specific messages to specific segments of the prospect database
• Generate sales leads
• Help keep the database clean & up to date

Most industrial and technical companies have a database of contacts including existing customers, people who have telephoned with enquires, or responded to advertisements or PR, or whom they have met at exhibitions. This is an extremely valuable resource, since it is a collection of people who have at some time expressed an interest in you and yet amazingly, very few companies make good use of it! In Press can help you get the most out of this database and make it work for you!

Keep your database informed

Send out regular information/product updates, with clickable links to relevant pages on your website or downloadable documents. Because we can tell you who’s opened your message and who’s clicked through, you can tell whether your message is getting through.

Monitor interest levels

Since we can track who has opened your message and who has clicked through, you can gauge the level of interest in a particular product or service.

Targeted messages

If you sell into a number of target markets or have multiple products within your target market, In Press can make the e-mail messages specific to a particular market sector. By targeting messages in this way, you keep the interest levels of the recipients high and increase the likelihood of them opening and responding to your message.

Generate enquiries

Include a strong call to action in your e-mail message to generate enquiries. Follow up people who have downloaded information.

Keep your database up to date

Since In Press can tell you all the e-mail addresses that messages have ‘bounced’ from, you can check these addresses – it might be a simple ‘typo’ that needs amending or it might be that your previous contact has moved on – which gives you the opportunity to find out who the new contact would be! Keeping the database clean and up to date ensures that your message is getting the maximum exposure.

Using alternative databases

In Press operates an ethical e-mail campaign policy – we only use clients’ own e-mail databases. We don’t use databases that may have been acquired by dubious methods, and of course, all of our e-mail campaigns have full ‘unsubscribe’ facilities which ensure that ‘unsubscribers’ are automatically excluded from future mailings.

Developing your own database

In Press can also help you build your database in a number of ways. Firstly we can help you collect email addresses from visits to your own website. In addition, we can help you with-mail shots using reputable 3rd party sources, where your message is supplied to a to the 3rd party for distribution to their database. Any responses to these mailings are passed back to you and can be legitimately added to your own database.

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