PR Team

Biographies of the managing director and Head of PR.

Eileen Holmes-Ievers, B.Sc., MCIPR
Managing Director

Eileen Holmes-Ievers received a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Physiology and Immunology from King’s College, University of London, after which she pursued a successful career in medical and industrial research.

In 1984, Eileen left the laboratory to enter the world of technical public relations. Recognising the need for a specialist technical press relations agency, Eileen founded In Press in 1991.

Her science and industry background provide the understanding and edge that drive the promotion of clients’ products and processes.

Dr Denis Bulgin, MCIPR
Head of PR

Denis Bulgin graduated with a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Southampton, and followed this with Ph.D. in Chemical Physics.

Denis then moved into the instrumentation field, where he led product teams at English Electric Valve Co. Ltd and at Cambridge Instruments. He was product manager at Ai Cambridge in charge of its range of security products, followed by responsibility for its image analysis range.

Denis has been a Technical Specialist at In Press since 1991, and became Head of PR in 2000.

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