No Contract, ‘Pick and Mix’ Marketing

For companies who are new to marketing or would like the flexibility to experience a range of the different marketing tools available, In Press is offering a new low-cost, versatile marketing package with no contract to sign.

The new package allows industrial companies to use the range of services In Press has to offer:


E-mail marketing

Internet lead generation

on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis. There’s no contract.

For PR only there is an initial media set-up fee and then In Press will carry out one of the above marketing activities every month for only £500/month. Having the ability to cherry-pick the most suitable marketing tool for your promotional needs means that you can make the most of your marketing budget.

Not sure which activity would be most suitable? In Press has over 20 years’ experience in carrying out marketing campaigns on behalf of a multitude of industrial companies. Not only can we creatively and actively implement the marketing activities, we can also provide our expert advice on which marketing tool will help you achieve your objectives.

An initial face to face meeting is included in the cost and after that communications will be via phone, email or we can sign you up to In Press’s safe and secure extranet system, so all your In Press marketing messages are in one place.

Imagine, a product launch via a multi-faceted PR campaign in print and online for only £500. Or, e-mail your customers direct with a custom-designed e-shot. Recent successes have seen Opens as high as 33% – spectacular when you consider the industry average quoted for “old-fashioned” direct marketing campaigns was, at best, 5%!

Call Eileen now on 01488 674200 for more details or to arrange a sign-up meeting. You can also read about why we have set up this new service on Eileen’s blog.

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