Tentec is the UK’s leading designer, developer and manufacturer of innovative bolt tensioning equipment. Incorporating many innovative features, the company’s products are used throughout the world in a wide range of markets including petrochemical, mining and the steel industries. With an active and well-developed agent and distributor network, Tentec products are installed and serviced throughout the world.

Why they approached us

In Press were asked and won a pitch to help launch a new range of bolt tensioning equipment for the wind turbine market. Our techincal expertise and previous experience in the environmental and energy markets put us in good stead to handle this exciting new challenge.

What we do for them

In Press carries out a global PR campaign both to the printed press and online. By working closely with Tentec’s distributors, coverage has been seen as far afield as China, USA and Russia. product new, exhibition support and case histories are written and published throughout the world.

The PR scope has also been widened to include raising brand awareness for Tentec’s bolt tensioning and flange pulling equipment in the oil and gas industries.

A blog and Twitter account has also been set up and is managed by In Press to help take advantage of online, digital opportunities.

Business benefits

The Tentec name has been introduced into the wind turbine industry and coverage has been seen in all the major journals and websites. The company is now been seen as a ‘player’ and has developed new business in new territories.

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