Schlumberger Onshore Surveillance (Sensa)

Temperature sensing

Sensa is the world’s leading provider of fiber optic temperature sensing solutions. Operating throughout the entire value circle, from concept and development to installation and service, the company delivers reliable and robust solutions to meet the varying needs of clients and partners.

Sensa provides temperature sensing solutions for areas such as fire detection, power circuit temperature monitoring, trace heat monitoring, leak detection systems for pipeline and cryogenic storage (LNG) and monitoring other critical assets.

Why they approached us

Most companies are aware of how important web marketing is these days but it can be a minefield getting to grips with all the latest and fast-moving techniques. Sensa realised that in order to get a handle on what is available and what can be achieved, they needed to call in an expert. With many years’ experience and success in helping companies make the most of their web presence, with particular expertise in driving qualified traffic to websites, In Press was initially called in for a consultation, but continues to work with Sensa providing advice and guidance.

What we did for them

On a practical level, In Press worked with Sensa to: optimise their main UK site for search engines, assist them with a temperature sensing blog, organise regular e-mail newsletters and get them started on Twitter in their niche.

Business Benefits

In Press provided a complete web marketing process that increased Sensa’s visibility in target markets and helped them in their search for new areas.

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