Radiodetection is an international group of companies specialising in the design and development of products for the location and maintenance of underground buried pipes and cables. They have been In Press clients for 14 years.

Why they approached us

Radiodetection Ltd was looking for a new, innovative and knowledgeable PR agency to handle its corporate communications. In Press won a 4-way pitch for the business. Radiodetection has been a client for 14 years.

What we do for them

In Press carried out a full-service marketing campaign for Radiodetection. All aspects of the marketing mix have been used over the years to answer the company’s marketing objectives. In Press developed Radiodetection’s first web presence in 1995.

Business benefits

Radiodetection had an outside company that could look objectively at its marketing communications plans and implement innovative ideas. The company remains the world leader for underground pipe and cable location equipment.

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