Precision Solutions

Precision Solutions promotes a extensive range of specialist testing, analytical, design, manufacturing, and evaluation facilities from parent company MBDA to a wide market across the aerospace and defence industries. MBDA has a large range of programmes in the industry and offers unrivalled capability in key technologies that are relevant to the defence, aerospace and a host of commercial industries. Precision Solutions offers access to this wealth of expertise on a commercial, contract basis through three major disciplines.

Why they approached us

In Press had worked successfully with Precision-Optical Engineering (P-OE) on a number of different PR and web activities. When MBDA decided to adapt P-OE’s success to a much broader range of its expertise under the new ‘Precision Solutions’ group. In Press was retained to continue the promotional activities.

What we do for them

In Press has been responsible for the creation of the Precision Solutions website, adapting it to the ever increasing range of products and services offered by Precision Solutions. The In Press technical copywriting expertise has ensured that site copy even from a diverse range of technologies has been created with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. An SEO campaign is also underway, and we have also carried out e-newsletter campaigns.

Business benefits

The website has been the focal point of Precision Solutions’ marketing activities, providing a visibility to sections of the business that had previously not been publicised, while maintaining the style of the parent MBDA web presence.

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