Oxford-nanoScience Ltd

Oxford nanoScience Ltd is part of the Nanotechnology Divison of Polaron plc. The company manufactures the 3DAP atom probe which brings a unique approach to materials characterisation at the atomic level. Originally developed at the Materials Department, University of Oxford, 3DAP offers simultaneous mapping of the 3-dimensional position and chemical identity of individual atoms within a conductive sample.

Why they approached us

ONS typed ‘technical pr’ into Google and In Press appeared. Following an initial meeting, In Press’s PR proposal was accepted. ONS wanted an agency that could understand and promote its highly technical product.

What we did for them

In Press undertakes a proactive PR campaign, with ONS gaining valuable media coverage throughout the world.

Business benefits

ONS has enhanced its reputation for having a commercially available product. At a recent exhibition in the States, the company had editors of the leading journals visit its stand.

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