Hitachi High Technologies

Hitachi High Technologies is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of electron microscopes and has been an In Press client since 1991. Ranging from the TM-1000 tabletop microscope, through variable pressure and field emission SEMs to research grade field emission STEMs and TEMs used in nanotechnology applications, all are characterised by outstanding resolution, image quality and flexibility.

Why they approached us

Hitachi needed an agency that not only understood the complex technical specifications of their sophisticated products, but could also write clearly and simply about the features and benefits offered in a wide range of applications. In Press personnel have direct experience of the microscopy market and so could fulfill Hitachi’s requirements.

What we do for them

Over many years In Press has carried out a wide variety of marketing activities on Hitachi’s behalf. On the design side we have been responsible for new advertisements and brochures, as well as designing and executing several successful direct mail campaigns, while PR campaigns have launched new products, publicised Hitachi’s attendance at exhibitions and promoted the instruments through engaging and interesting case histories.

In Press designed and maintained Hitachi’s first UK website and is working with them to generate qualified, quantifiable traffic to their current site.

Business Benefits

The Hitachi name continues to be well known for their consumer electronic goods, but thanks to the publicity generated by In Press and the Hitachi team, their electron microscopes are as well known in their target markets.

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