Radiodetection Comes Back for More

We all lose clients for various reasons. I challenge anyone to let me know of a company that in over 14 years of business hasn’t lost at least one client.

After working with Radiodetection for 13 years, they made a decision to stop outsourcing their PR activity and concentrate on other in-house marketing activities. Fair enough, we shook hands and wished each other the best.

However, over the past year they have started to realise the value of a targeted campaign and used In Press on an ad hoc basis to help with their press relations activity.

We came to the rescue at short notice when they had negotiated an 800 word article in Drain Trader with a 24 hour deadline. Having worked with them for so long, I knew the products and could call the two customers we were using as case histories and talk precisely and knowledgeably. The deadline was met with the article being approved by all relevant parties and submitted to the editor on time and with photography.

You can use us like this too for project work or a planned and structured PR campaign.

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