Making The Most of Exhibitions

Hitachi High Technologies attended the EMAG Show at Leeds University in August. The key to Hitachi’s success was preparation.

From a PR point of view, we planned well in advance to ensure that we targeted all the exhibition previews including the organisers’ newsletters and websites, made sure we had press packs in the press room that contained relevant and newsworthy information AND attended the shows with Hitachi to meet editors introductions and arrange product demonstrations.

In Press also designed and arranged the production of table flags and napkins with the Hitachi logo for the Drinks Reception the company was sponsoring, as well as organising giveaways for the stand. Coasters and WOW mugs were produced following corporate image guidelines and provided very popular with the visitors.

Exhibitions may not be the most popular form of marketing these days, but if you do exhibit, make sure you do it properly.

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