E-Newsletters Take Off

Promoting products or services by email can be a powerful and flexible form of direct marketing. You can communicate your messages quickly and cheaply. You can also tailor your message to specific types of customer.

The e-mail newsletter features links through to specific pages on your web site and offers an unsubscribe facility.

The trackable system provides the following information:

Bounced addresses (mail that the e-mail program was unable to deliver)

People who opened the e-newsletter. (People who have opened it more than once may be exhibiting a higher level of interest in your products or services)

Click-throughs (People who have clicked through on the individual links. They may be considered as sales leads and are definitely worth following up)

Unsubscribes (People who have clicked on the unsubscribe button on the newsletter).

With the proliferation of spam e-mails, e-newsletters must be permission based. In Press helps to ensure you meet the requirements of CAN-SPAM in the USA and follow the recommendations of the EU directives in Europe.

Typical e-mail campaigns run for other clients have resulted in typical open rates of 40% and clickthroughs of 14%.

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