Don’t mention the Olympics

At In Press, we actively encourage our clients to make the most of large contract wins and case histories, where we talk about how we have helped particular companies solve their problems. Editors are very receptive to case histories, particularly where we can name the customers and include quotations. It also helps promote technical expertise and puts in the mind of prospects “Well, if they can do that for them, I wonder what they can do for me.”

One thing we always do though is to make sure we get approvals from every company that is mentioned in the article. The articles are usually by-lined by both our clients and their customers.

Reading this article, however, has set some bells ringing. Okay, so we wouldn’t dream of illustrating an article with an Olympic mascot or the ‘rings’ but I would have considered promoting the fact some of our clients will be providing services to the event. Looks like it will only be the official sponsors that will get publicity from this event.

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