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Promoting products or services by email can be a powerful and flexible form of direct marketing. You can communicate your messages quickly and cheaply. You can also tailor your message to specific types of customer.

The e-mail newsletter features links through to specific pages on your web site and offers an unsubscribe facility.

The trackable system provides the following information:

Bounced addresses (mail that the e-mail program was unable to deliver)

People who opened the e-newsletter. (People who have opened it more than once may be exhibiting a higher level of interest in your products or services)

Click-throughs (People who have clicked through on the individual links. They may be considered as sales leads and are definitely worth following up)

Unsubscribes (People who have clicked on the unsubscribe button on the newsletter).

With the proliferation of spam e-mails, e-newsletters must be permission based. In Press helps to ensure you meet the requirements of CAN-SPAM in the USA and follow the recommendations of the EU directives in Europe.

Typical e-mail campaigns run for other clients have resulted in typical open rates of 40% and clickthroughs of 14%.


It is with great pleasure that In Press can announce one of its longest standing clients Lloyd Instruments will be continuing to use  In Press for its press relations activity throughout this year.

In Press has successfully carried out a variety of PR activities for Lloyd over many years, introducing new techniques for coverage including the use of e-newsletters and online PR.


This is a scanning electron microscope that fits on a laboratory bench. It is made by Hitachi High Technologies (HHT) and is comparable in price to a top-end optical microscope.

HHT used PR and web marketing to bring this instrument to the attention of the optical microscopy market.They established their technical credibility in a new market using PR to target the right journals and to build awareness of the Hitachi brand.

They used web marketing to target the problems that optical microscope users at the leading edge of the technology were experiencing and offered them a solution they were not aware of previously. Sales are increasing to the established SEM user base and high-end optical microscope users.

Contact Eileen for a list of journals you should have your content in, or forthcoming features that match your keywords, or send her a press release that is not getting published, and she will tell you how to make it more acceptable to editors.


Problem: Meech-Static-Eliminators, manufacturers of static control products, needed to promote an understanding of the ways in which their products work, and of how customers have used their products to solve particular problems.

Solution: To place feature-length articles covering a range of topics from particular customer applications to general overviews and topical environmental concerns.

Client Benefit: 9 articles, all over 1,000 words in length, were placed in under 10 months, raising Meech’s technical credibility and profile as a problem-solver.


In Press is pleased to announce that Applied Scintillation Technologies Ltd has signed a years’ contract with In Press’s PR service.

The company, based in Harlow, supplies innovative imaging and detection products using the latest phosphor and scintillation technologies to a worldwide customer database.

In Press will be using its technical know-how and contacts with the editors of the trade and technical journals to raise awareness for the company and its products throughout its target markets.


Overview: Hitachi was launching a new range of electron microscopes, and needed to dispel rumours put about by the competition that their products were becoming prohibitively expensive and that they were cutting down the overall number of microscopes they could provide.

Problem: An intense 3-month campaign built around an “Exploding the Myths…” strap line, using an innovative advertising campaign, a direct mail offer and a special newsletter edition.

Solution: The direct mail offer resulted in a 25% take-up rate for the free CD. The CD was highly regarded in university departments and has become a standard teaching tool.

This publicity campaign, linked to a pro-active PR campaign, turned around market perception within 3 months.


Problem: Meech International, a leading manufacturer of products controlling static throughout industry, opened its first office in China, and needed to develop and execute a marketing strategy in this region.

Solution: Close liaison with the China/British Trade Council to provide a platform for negotiations with the leading trade and technical publisher in China, enabling the launch of targeted programme of advertising and PR both within China and throughout the Asian market.

Client benefit: Planning for the campaign started in December 2004. The first coverage was seen in both English and Chinese on the industrysourcing.com website in January 2005, increasing Meech’s profile in mainland China.


Overview: Tri-Ark needed to raise corporate and product awareness in order to retain repeat business and to generate new business.

Solution: A 3-step strategy of

  1. re-designing the corporate identity as expressed on all company communications from letterheads to packing-box sealing tape
  2. re-designing and developing the company’s website
  3. carrying out a targeted technical PR campaign

Client Benefit: Traffic to the website greatly increased. Rise in sales leads generated. Rate of quotations issued raised by a factor of 4. At least 10 new clients won as a direct result of marketing initiative.


In 2005 UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA) has had authoritative technical articles published in 8 different journals. Early in the year, In Press approached journals with the offer to write an exclusive article on any aspect of machine vision relevant to their particular marketplace.

Seven journals took us up on the offer including New Electronics, Machinery, IP&E and Packaging Magazine. We also write a regular ‘Help’ column in Imaging and Machine Vision Europe.


Problem: Precision-Optical Engineering (P-OE) designs, develops and manufactures optical components and electro-optical subsystems for military and commercial markets, as well as manufacturing interferometers for optical surface qc applications. The company also has one of the largest diamond turning facilities in the UK for the manufacture of optical components and mould tools. As individual sales projects can be time intensive, the company wanted a cost-effective way of maintaining regular contact with existing customers and prospects.

Solution: A series of regular e-newsletters featuring click-through links to P-OE’s website was planned and written by In Press. Using professional distribution software that provides full “unsubscribe” facilities and comprehensive tracking to show who has received the newsletter, opened it and clicked through on individual links, the newsletter was sent out to P-OE’s qualified e-database.

Benefit: Nearly 50% of the delivered e-mails were opened and there were direct clickthroughs from almost 15% of those who opened the mail. This high level of interest both kept existing customers up to date with the latest projects and highlighted specific interests which could be followed up as sales leads. Undelivered mail was also recorded which allowed the e-database to be further cleaned.