Test & Measurement equipment companies discover how to engage with prospects in existing and new markets

Your company sells a technical product or service that has to be quality controlled, distributed and marketed.

Your product or service is better but you are puzzled why so many prospects are going to your competitors.

You have worked with agencies, and used PR before but are looking to change because the agency is not proactive enough.

  • You are always correcting their work, because they do not understand your products
  • You spend a lot of your time liaising with your agency to get the content right
  • They do not use application stories, feature targetting and core journals
  • They do not know how to integrate on-line and off-line activity effectively
  • They do not know how to find PR people in other countries, or how to work with your distributors in other countries

If you are a potential client, we will be trying to establish a long-term partnership with you.

Our past and present clients will tell you that the quality and accountability of our technical PR work saves them time and gives them increased opportunities to keep ahead of their competition.

It is possible to design and implement the optimum marketing mix for you to be more effective in existing market areas and introduce your company to new markets.

You can see a proven track record of delivering improved brand awareness and increased product exposure to test & measurement equipment, engineering, scientific instrumentation, manufacturing and B2B companies in the UK and Europe through PR services. Clients solve problems like these.

You will get increased relevant enquiries and increased profitability from your web marketing. This is achieved through a focussed programme of dominating your niche online.

Clients maximise market opportunities to potential customers.

B2B PR and web marketing for industrial, engineering and scientific companies differentiates us from more generalised agencies. By understanding your needs and applying specialist skills, measurable results are delivered. You can concentrate on what you do best – sell your products and services into your target markets!

Discover how proven techniques can maximize opportunities for your products by calling Eileen on 01488 674200; or email us if you prefer and you will be contacted within 2 working days.

Highly qualified, experienced scientists and engineers deliver increased exposure in the trade and technical press and increased visibility for your brand online and off. This leads to increased engagement with your target markets.

What you get:

* More visibility in your niche
* Increased visibility that leads to increased conversions
* Increased conversions that build online and offline sales

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